My name is Radia Razack.
I am an ordinary woman living in Cape Town, South Africa with my beautiful family and I have had some extra-ordinary life experiences that have shaped who I am. I love writing, I love sharing and I love empowering. This blog is an attempt to combine these passions. By the way I do work for a living as an environmental lawyer.

In my continual journey of self-discovery, I am using this platform to share my fears and thoughts, misgivings and learnings. I am choosing to share snapshots of my life journey, struggles and triumphs in the hope that my experiences and perspectives will help others. When I share, I am first and foremost speaking to myself as an errant human being. My perspectives and personal insights are no indication that I have arrived anywhere. They are simply a narrative of my continuous growth and personal development. As my insights evolve during my life, so too do my aspirations, and so will my narratives. Thank you for being a part of my spiritual journey. I hope you enjoy my chronicles.

With love, Radia 💙